We Specialize in Taking Care Of Your 66 Joints, 52 Bones, 84 Muscles, 100 Ligaments and 25,000 Sweat Glands

Professional Orthotics

Are you experiencing pain in ankle or foot? Probably, you need custom foot orthotics treatment.

Foot Anatomy

Human foot contains 33 joints, 26 bones, 42 muscles, around 50 ligaments and tendons; all these parts help

When To Call

Before you make a decision to call a podiatrist, it is important to understand what they actually do.

Diabetic Shoes

High levels of blood sugar in a diabetic person can cause many health related issues. Among…

Platelet Rich Plasma

One of the most fascinating topics in the field of medical research is the focus on recovery and healing…

Gait Analysis

Many people think gait analysis is all about—and only about—someone watching you walk…